An open letter to the ones searching for my heart and my feet.

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I am a simple woman. I have just two simple needs — 1) a thriving bank account, and 2) attention, lavished upon me generously, distracting me from my own crippling insecurities. Too real?

Sugar daddies and mommies (I don’t discriminate!) I thought you could handle those simple requests. After all, getting your hands on this hot piece of ass should be more than enough to satisfy your —

Wait. Am I a good feminist if I objectify myself? Is it empowering if I refer to myself as a hot piece of smokin’ ass, or am I setting back the entire…

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A list of things I found interesting. But take my perspective with a grain of salt.

1. Finding a hidden WWII treasure in your house

As someone who’s always wanted to find vintage trinkets in my home (or a door leading to Narnia, I’m okay with either one), this was an awesome read. And as a bonus, the historical treasure is anti-Nazi.

2. Cory Henry streams a new Christmas album

I love jazz. I love Christmas. And I love Tiny Desk Concerts. Cory Henry brings the best of all of these together in his new video.

3. Fairies Come To…

9 Things We Need to Stop Accepting as Normal

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This isn’t a comprehensive list of the soul-sucking trash that the internet can spew. But it’s a start. Here’s a list of nine things the internet can do without.

1. Speaking Without Having Anything To Say

Not everyone needs to hear your opinion. The funeral pictures from your second dead goldfish (may Swimmy rest in peace) aren’t adding to the conversation. Like Gandhi wisely said, “Speak only if it improves upon the silence.”

2. Generalizing

Separating people into “us” vs “them” is tempting. Human nature, even. Especially when you think you‘re right.

The No-Good (Liberals/Conservatives/Millennials/Vegans/In-Laws) are dangerous and wrong, and that means we can’t see people as people. We…

The ugly truth about silence and denial.

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I have never had to grapple with racial tension because of my skin color, aside from the uncomfortable experience of learning why I haven’t. It is tense, and it is uncomfortable to learn the list of things that, as a white woman, come easily for me and for my family, simply because of systematic and individual prejudices that benefit my racial group. I am not saying that everything in my life is easy. I am saying that my life is not made harder by the color of my skin.

I come from an Irish and Jewish immigrant background. While it…

Ever wondered how to love the embarrassing parts of yourself? First, own up to them.

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If you’re here, instead of watching Youtube or Netflix, you probably consider yourself to be intelligent. You might think you’re the type of person that wants to give something to the world. Someone that actually has something to give back to the world.

If you’re so interested in self-improvement, what does reading about dishonesty say about your moral code? You’ve been a bad little reader, haven’t you? Time for your punishment, naughty girl.

You’ve been a bad little reader, haven’t you? Time for your punishment, naughty girl.

No, no, thank you, this isn’t that kind of article. …

The truth will set you free, but first it’ll kick you in the ass

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There isn’t a lot that’s particularly original or exceptional about me. My greatest fear is being average. Nothing I achieve will erase that.

However, the truth is that we are all a little bit average. All of us.

The secret to getting the most out of your dreams for the future is… hurry, lean in closer.

If I was in a celebrated musical from the 1960s, I would charge you money to learn how to fix what I broke for you in the first place. And you wouldn’t even know what you bought!

If this was an episode of a…

Aly Young

Writer. Reader. Waiting on my future alimony check.

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