The Upsides of Stealing Wine

Ever wondered how to love the embarrassing parts of yourself? First, own up to them.

Photo by Clam Lo

You’ve been a bad little reader, haven’t you? Time for your punishment, naughty girl.

No, no, thank you, this isn’t that kind of article. No kink-shaming here, Just moderately long-winded life lessons.

Photo by Cottonbro

What do you when you feel like this? Who are you at your lowest point?

I’m still trying to answer that question. Right now, I like to turn to outlets like meditation, music, and journaling. But that night? That night, I did something very different.

Photo by Wendy Wei
  • He’s just my friend, but we also make out, and I’m still in love with my ex
  • It’s easier to just say boyfriend
Photo by bongkarn thanyakij
Photo by Suzy Hazlewood

“Don’t go doin’ dumb sh*t.” Which was fair, since I had definitely been doing just that.

They wrote my name down, and copied my driver’s license number, and told me they wouldn’t be pressing charges or banning me from the store. Because they valued honesty. Or maybe, because I am white. I don’t know for sure.

Writer. Reader. Waiting on my future alimony check.

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